Why Should You Get You Trees Pruned in the Spring?

There’s no question that well-kept plants and trees can add to the beauty and value of your property, and regular pruning is a huge part of what it takes to keep trees looking great. For many people, the question is not “if” they should prune, but “when.” By choosing the right time for seasonal pruning, […]

How Do I Get My Yard Ready For Spring?

As we make our way through the last leg of winter (and hope for tolerable weather the rest of the way), we’ll soon be ushering in the new season—which means it’s almost time to get a jump start on your spring landscape maintenance! Let’s dive into some tips you can get started on as soon […]

Can You Save A Dying Tree?

As the leading provider of tree trimming services in Philadelphia, PA, Liberty Tree & Landscape Management understands that it’s never a good time to have a dying tree on your property. While you may think that no leaves, decay, bending, or dried wood means the only option is to remove it, but determining the actual […]

How to Know If a Tree on Your Property Needs to Be Cut Down

As a trusted landscaping company in Philadelphia County, Liberty Tree & Landscape Management understands that it never feels like the right time to cut down a beloved tree. But when a tree is dead, damaged, decayed, or otherwise weak, having the tree removed by a team of professionals is a wise choice of action. If […]

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