Summer is just about here, and people all over Pennsylvania are working on maintaining and beautifying their lawns for the season. Summer is a time when many PA homeowners put their lawns on display for friends and neighbors. There are many different elements of summer lawn preparation for residential properties, but one of the most important aspects for many people is trimming and pruning of trees. Pruning is sometimes thought of as a winter chore, but many types of trees actually benefit significantly from being trimmed in the summer.  

If you have trees on your property, getting your summer pruning done right can be highly beneficial for the value and appearance of your property, as well as the health of the plants themselves. If you own property in Pennsylvania and are thinking about waiting until the winter to get your tree pruning done, knowing about the benefits of summer pruning could change your mind. There are several key reasons why summer pruning can be a smart investment for homeowners in the long run.   

Promotes Growth of Fruit Trees  

If you have a fruit tree on your property, you know what a fun and useful addition they can be to your yard and your diet, but sometimes it can be difficult to ensure you get the maximum production from it. One of the simplest ways that you can encourage more budding from your fruit tree is to cut back excess spring growth in the beginning of the summer. Many fruit trees like apples and mulberries produce their crop via short leafy shoots or “spurs” that can be found on the bottom half of their branches. These shoots should not be trimmed, but by cutting back excess growth on other parts of the tree, you can encourage more development from the budding parts of the tree. Most of this excess tree growth takes place during the spring, making early summer the perfect time to prune.  

Improves Appearance 

If you’re a homeowner who wants to make sure your lawn looks it’s best all year long, professional summer tree services can be very helpful. Summer is a perfect time to take care of the overgrowth that can happen to trees during the spring. Summer pruning can promote blossoming and keep the height and width of larger trees from becoming unmanageable, like magnolias, dogwoods, and others. It may seem too good to be true, but keeping your trees looking trim with summer pruning will benefit their health and boost the value of your property at the same time.   

Keeps Trees From Getting Infected  

You may not know this, but trees can get diseases just like people, and some of the fungal spores that can be found in the air during spring and summer will cause serious harm to the trees on your property. Spores that cause silver leaf disease, a common problem with trees in the cherry family, usually start appearing around September every year. By giving your trees a thorough summer pruning, you can significantly reduce their chances of being infected.  

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