Many people consider spring to be the default season for planting or gardening — and understandably so. Cold winters and lack of vegetation makes us look forward to refreshing our gardens, tending to our yards, and enjoying the beautiful blooms! There’s no doubt that spring can be an excellent season to plant. However, autumn may be ideal for your trees.

Benefits of Tree Planting in the Fall

Planting in the fall gives trees an additional growing season before the dog days of summer. The confluence of cooler temperatures and fall rain lets trees establish roots, ultimately making it easier for them to adjust to extreme heat or summer drought.

Some fear that young trees won’t be able to withstand the winter, but that’s not the case! Trees go dormant in the winter — meaning they enter their own vegetative state of hibernation. This “sleep” period hinders the tree’s growth and energy consumption. It’s perfectly okay to plant trees until the ground is frozen solid, and when trees are dormant, they shouldn’t require extra care. However, we highly recommend you do not continue planting trees too late into the fall, as doing so can negatively impact plant health.

What Trees Could I Plant in the Fall?

Trees that can be successfully planted in autumn include ash, buckeye, crabapple, hackberry, hawthorn, honey locust, elm, linden, maple, sycamore, pines, and spruces. Additionally, most deciduous shrubs can easily be planted in the fall.

Where Should I Plant My Tree in the Fall?

Before planting, evaluate your space to ensure it will be suitable for the tree as it grows, which includes not planting too close to structures and taking sun, shade, and moisture it will receive into account. You may also consider calling a utility professional to check for any underground lines you may not be aware of.

How Can I Care for My Trees in the Fall?

Mulch a ring two to three inches wide around the base of your tree, but don’t pile it up against the trunk. During the fall, your newly planted tree will require watering — even when it’s chilly!

Tree watering will vary for each tree depending on its size, species, climate, and location.

For trees that have been on your property for quite some time, are diseased, or appear to be dying, it’s crucial to get a team of trusted tree care experts for fall tree care services. Our team also provides spotted lanternfly treatment services to keep your trees and surrounding landscape in Philadelphia healthy all year long. For more information, contact us today!