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One of our favorite types of plants are annuals. These plants never form permanent ecosystems as they naturally seed, flower, and die across 12 months. Since they are temporary flowers, their roots stabilize the soil, preventing soil erosion.

Annuals are a great way to brighten up your landscape. Here are 5 of our favorite annual plants to include in your garden this fall.


Pansies provide fantastic color during the cooler months. They are heavy blooming and wonderfully versatile, making them the perfect fall flower. Older varieties grow in perfect tidy mounds, whereas newer types are ideal for hanging baskets and groundcovers. If you plant pansies during the fall, they will bloom again in the springtime.

Flowering Kale

Also known as flowering cabbage, this is a robust plant for the fall season. It stands its ground during frosty temperatures and looks great all through the winter months. Kale provides dramatic color and texture, pairing with almost every fall flower. Note that this type of kale is bred for its appearance rather than its taste. We don’t recommend eating flowering varieties of kale.


These beautiful flowers bring a palette of autumnal colors to the festive season. Due to their popularity, they can be purchased in a variety of sizes. These include dainty mini-mums that are as little as 2-inches wide, through to giants that can grow to two feet across. Some varieties of chrysanthemums, called hardy mums, are also available as perennial plants, which will return year after year. 

Purple Fountain Grass

Although this is not a flower as such, purple fountain grass is an ideal accent to complement other fall flowers and plants. It boasts eye-catching purple-burgundy foliage that pairs perfectly with different colors. It also adds fantastic texture to plantings, especially kale and chrysanthemums.

Black-Eyed Susan

These dramatic and bold flowers offer striking golden-yellow colors to the landscape. Their daisy-like shape is a favorite for butterflies and bees, brightening any container garden planting or landscape. Black-eyed Susan’s look amazing when combined with chrysanthemums and asters.

For more information about which plants you should add to your property’s landscape this fall, contact the most reputable landscaping company in Philadelphia County.