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landscape company chestnut hill paOur team has over 25 years of experience performing nearly every landscaping service imaginable. With the assistance of our company, any home or business owner can enjoy the immaculately manicured grounds of their dreams. Countless residents from Philadelphia County and Montgomery County, PA have transformed their properties with the help of our landscaping experts.

At Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, your satisfaction is our top priority. We will design, install and maintain your landscape to achieve the look and functionality you want.

Besides landscaping, the knowledgeable experts at our company also frequently perform hardscaping services, fertilizing services, tree planting services, and more to elevate and maintain the beauty and comfort of your property.

Liberty Landscaping Services Will Get Your Property Looking Beautiful!

Your One-Stop Source for Landscaping Services

With our broad range of landscaping services, Liberty gives you all the services you need from one company.  Why hunt down and hire multiple Philadelphia landscaping companies when you can rely on one?

You can depend on us to ensure that all aspects of the job are addressed and completed in full to your satisfaction. Our landscaping professionals are also expert at preventing and managing pests and diseases. We offer mosquito control services and can mitigate other issues, like insects on the leaves of your trees.

The experts at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management can perform any landscaping task, including:

Liberty Landscaping Services Crew installs retaining wall and plants and mulches landscape beds.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

Liberty’s landscape design and maintenance services are your one stop shop for all of your landscaping needs. From designing a beautiful landscape plan to creating garden beds, planting trees and flowers and installing hardscaping, we will provide the look and functionality you want for your outdoor spaces.

It all starts with a free landscape consultation. Your Liberty Landscaping Professional will meet with you to understand what you would like to accomplish and evaluate what needs to be done to achieve your goals.  Once we have helped you realize your vision for your property, we can help you maintain it with fertilizer, growth regulators, and other upkeep methods.

Seasonal Landscaping Services

Your landscape service needs change with the seasons in Philadelphia. Liberty can help!

No matter the season, Liberty is your source to keep your property looking beautiful.  We’ll take care of your property from the spring with a Spring Clean-up, flower planting and mulching and into the summer to keep your lawn and landscape vibrant.  Then, we’ll ensure your property is cleaned-up and fully prepared for fall and winter.  Schedule your free evaluation now. 

Fall Webworm

Flower Planting

Your spring landscape isn’t complete until flowers are planted in your garden beds. Your Liberty Landscaping Professionals start by selecting a combination of flowers and plants in a variety of vibrant colors to complement your home and landscape. 

We’ll plant your garden beds using dependable performing annuals. Starting with the primary or main grouping of flowers, we’ll then expand out to create a beautiful floral border that makes your gardens come alive with color.  To ensure your flowers get off to a great start, we finish the job by thoroughly watering-in your plants.

Arbor Pruning

Monthly Maintenance

Monthly maintenance ensures your property gets the care it needs through regularly scheduled visits to maintain your landscape.  Liberty offers custom monthly landscape maintenance contracts that are tailored to the needs of your property and your goals.
When you sign up for a monthly maintenance contract, your Liberty Landscape Crew will come to your house for a set amount of time every month. The crew will walk the property to assess that month’s landscaping needs and perform them as needed. Services include weeding, shrub trimming, and perennial care.


Tree Planting Crew prepares the planting bed for a new tree.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is a must in the Fall in Philadelphia.   This is especially true if you have large, mature trees near your house.

Removing leaves is also essential for a healthy lawn.  In the Fall, your lawn absorbs nutrients into the root system to get ready for winter. It is extremely important that leaves do not cover the grass too long during this time.

Before leaves start to fall in your yard, call Liberty to schedule your fall clean up and leaf removal.  We will get your yard looking clean and neat for the fall and winter months.


Mulch may be the best all around thing you can do to help your trees and plants to stay healthy. Mulch creates a ground cover that restores the natural balance of forest environments and adds organic material beneath your trees and shrubs.

Another key benefit of mulching is its ability to preserve moisture especially hot, dry periods.    Additionally, the mulch layer also reduces the need to prune and mow near valuable plants. 

Liberty crew working on hardscaping project to build patio.


Hardscaping will transform your yard or outdoor living space.  The professionals at Liberty have the experience and creativity to achieve the look and functionality you want.

Your new hardscaping project will be designed and built to complement the the natural elements of your property and ensure proper drainage.


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From Center City and Chestnut Hill to Abington and Glenside, our company frequently helps residents completely revamp their properties. After your landscaping transformation, however, we also offer other services to help improve your quality of life and preserve the health and beauty of your outdoor spaces.

We provide landscaping services across Philadelphia and Montgomery County, PA including:

  • Olde City (19106)
  • South Philadelphia (19147)
  • Chestnut Hill (19118)
  • Wynnefield (19131)
  • East Falls (19129)
  • Glenside (19038)
  • Jenkintown (19046)
  • Elkins Park (19027)
  • Fort Washington (19034)
  • Abington (19001)

 You can count on us to make you happy with the results of our landscaping services and our company.  Contact Us Today!