There’s no question that well-kept plants and trees can add to the beauty and value of your property, and regular pruning is a huge part of what it takes to keep trees looking great. For many people, the question is not “if” they should prune, but “when.” By choosing the right time for seasonal pruning, you can ensure your trees stay healthy and look beautiful all year long.

It is very common for homeowners in Philadelphia and Montgomery County to have their trees pruned in the winter, as this is the dormant season for many species of trees, and pruning during dormant seasons is generally encouraged. However, dormant seasons for trees vary wildly from species to species and there are several compelling reasons to hire a tree pruning service for your property this spring.  


There are several ways that pruning in the spring can be safer than other seasons for both you and your tree specialist. A major benefit of pruning, in general, is the removal of split or damaged branches that may be liable to fall, which can help you avoid accidents and serious injuries. Summer is known for unpredictable storms that can make any unstable or damaged branches far more likely to break off. By having your trees pruned in the spring, you can prevent accidents like these from happening and eliminate the need to worry every time there’s a strong gust of wind. The mild weather in the spring is also ideal for safely working up on ladders; conversely, scheduling pruning in the winter increases risk by forcing your tree service team to deal with numb hands and icy surfaces. 

Tree Health 

In addition to being safer for you, pruning in the spring offers health benefits for many types of trees in Pennsylvania. Pruning a tree leaves it with “wounds” or exposed flesh that takes time to heal. Pruning in the winter or fall can expose these wounds to harsh conditions, which can cause serious damage and potentially the death of the tree. By getting pruning done in the spring, you can give your tree the entire growing season to properly heal over.   


Besides safety and tree health, the main reason that people prune is to keep their trees looking beautiful all year round. A property with nicely trimmed trees has better value than an unkempt one and reflects positively on the owner. Spring and summer are both times when residential lawns are “on display” for the neighborhood. More people are outside attending barbecues, graduation parties, or just enjoying the weather. Getting your pruning done in the spring means that you’ll have gorgeous, freshly trimmed trees in time for the outdoor entertaining season.  

Pruning in the spring has many advantages for both the property owner and the trees themselves, but it is also important to enlist the help of a reliable tree surgeon once you decide to prune. Contact Liberty Tree & Landscape Management today to learn more about pruning in Montgomery and Philadelphia County.