It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to create and maintain a beautiful lawn — part of which involves preparing for the cold winter season. Soil aeration and seeding are critical services that will go a long way in keeping the grass looking beautiful and healthy. Today, we’ll explore why fall is a great time to schedule these services.

Recovery from Summer Stress

Summer can be a challenging time for grass in your yard. Aside from the heat, activities such as outdoor barbecues, outdoor games, parties, and gatherings can take a toll on your yard’s health. Foot traffic and increased pressure will result in soil compaction and bare spots, making it difficult for roots to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, a factor that will harm your yard. The fall is an excellent time for aeration and seeding to repair the wear and tear associated with summer.

Helps to Remove Excessive Thatch

As the cold season approaches, plants shed their leaves as a form of self-protection. A thin layer of thatch is good for the lawn, but excessive amounts will starve the roots of essential elements and harbor pests and diseases. Aeration helps remove excess thatch from the lawn, while seeding will help fill damaged areas and bare patches. As such, you should consider these services when plants shed their leaves.

To Prepare Roots for More Growth

Aeration helps to alleviate soil compaction. When timed correctly, air, water, and nutrients will circulate adequately within the soil. Roots will also have the air pockets they require to grow and stay healthy. A healthy root system will enable the grass to protect itself in winter when the weather is harsh. Once the lawn has been aerated, you can do some over-seeding since the seed will have direct contact with the soil.

The Weather Creates Optimal Growth

Fall is characterized by warm days and cool nights, conditions that make it the perfect time for over-seeding. There will be enough time for the seeds to germinate before the cold of winter sets in. Weeds are less of an issue during this season, meaning the new seedlings will have a chance to flourish without pressure. Aeration will also promote maximum seed to soil contact and improve the absorption of oxygen, water, and nutrients.

Create a Healthier, More Vigorous Lawn

Loosening up the soil and adding new seed to fill bare patches will keep the lawn from going into dormancy. Performing aeration and seeding when it is cool is likely to produce visible results and improve the health of your lawn. In the end, you will have a thicker and stronger lawn that can fight future dangers.

To make the most of the two services, you should combine aeration and seeding services. You may also want to work with a professional and experienced lawn care company to ensure the best results. Contact Liberty Tree & Landscape Management to learn more about soil aeration, seeding, and spotted lanternfly treatments in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.