As the leading provider of tree trimming services in Philadelphia, PA, Liberty Tree & Landscape Management understands that it’s never a good time to have a dying tree on your property. While you may think that no leaves, decay, bending, or dried wood means the only option is to remove it, but determining the actual source of the problem oftentimes requires consultation from a tree care professional. Once we properly diagnose it, we can take steps to handle the tree itself.

Check out this infographic on ways we can save your dying tree, then keep reading for a more in-depth look into how Liberty Tree & Landscape management can help you and your property.

Identifying the Problem

Water: Sometimes, too much or too little water can be detrimental to the health of a tree. If an area is waterlogged and the tree cannot absorb the oxygen it needs, improving the draining or irrigation can help. If too little water is administered, setting up an automated water system can be beneficial. This predicament can happen at any time, but mostly in dry weather or during droughts.

Mulch: Too much mulch can cause numerous tree problems, including suffocating roots, bacteria/fungi growth, and even cause rot. Insects can infest the area when there’s too much mulch, making the tree susceptible to parasites.

Fertilizer: Too much fertilizer can damage trees, especially organic fertilizers that come from diseased plant material. If you suspect the soil around your tree needs fertilizer, it’s best to have the area tested before managing the site.

Pruning to Save a Dying Tree

Different dying trees need specified pruning, and removing the diseased areas are crucial for the tree’s life. Our team of tree experts is well-versed in proper techniques to keep the disease from spreading even further with the years of experience and proper tools.

Being able to identify a sick tree is the first step in extending its life. Because of the methods we use to save trees, decay prevention will be even simpler in the future. For tree consultation, removal, or fertilizing services in Philadelphia, PA, contact Liberty Tree & Landscape Management today!