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fertilizing services philadelphia pa

Promote growth and health with our expert arborists in Philadelphia

Fertilizers can be used to promote healthy soil, flowers, shrubs, and trees and make your landscape vibrant. Nurturing and protecting plants are components of sound landscape maintenance. Fertilizers contain nutritional qualities that give some extra help to lawns and plants when applied properly.

Too much fertilizer is hard on plants and soil so it is important to have a plan to use fertilizers at the correct time of year in the correct amount, whether it is organic or liquid or commercial chemicals.

Fertilizing and Philadelphia Tree Care

The quality of soil in Philadelphia varies greatly depending on the neighborhood and history of the property. By properly diagnosing the soil content and adding the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer, you’ll provide the healthiest conditions for your plants. From the smallest shrubs to the largest trees, fertilizer will promote healthy, long-lasting plant life.

While most landscapers only have a rough idea of plants and trees, our staff includes arborists that are independently certified in the latest tree care knowledge and techniques. This knowledge allows us to make the most educated decisions and get the most beautiful and sustainable results for your property.

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