Keep Your Landscape Healthy with Fertilizing Services

Do you want to take care of your landscape in Montgomery County or Philadelphia County, PA? From Center City to Chestnut Hill, our plant health care experts know exactly how to promote the growth of your greenery. That’s why we offer fertilizing services to give your plants the extra nutrients they need to grow strong.

Our Expert Arborists Bring Vibrancy to Your Landscape

Our staff includes arborists who are independently certified in the latest tree care knowledge and techniques. This expertise allows them to make the most educated decisions and get the most beautiful and sustainable results for your property.

Our arborists can create a plan for the unique conditions of your property in Philadelphia, making sure to use the correct amount of fertilizer at the best time of year. Whether we’re offering tree planting services or lawn care, our tree “doctors” know how to bring vibrancy to your landscape.

Why Fertilize Your Plants?

fertilizing services philadelphia paFlowers, shrubs, and trees need the right balance of nutrients and minerals to grow healthier and live longer. When the soil is deficient in one or more nutrients, a plant will be more susceptible to disease and insect problems. Don’t wait until the problem is so severe that it can’t be saved at all. Seek preventative care for your plants and trees.

If you live in a busy city like Philadelphia, PA, or keep a neat lawn in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, then your plants are particularly at risk of nutrient deficiencies. In a forest, the leaves, grass clippings, and other organic material that falls to the floor will decompose and replenish the soil’s nutrients. If you live in Center City, however, you probably rake up and throw out the litter that could keep your yard healthy.

Our fertilizing services involve testing your soil for deficiencies and replenishing its nutrients to liven up your existing landscape and give new plants a boost.

What Are the Signs That Your Plants Need Fertilizing?

There are three main signs that your plants are suffering from a nutrient deficiency that could be cleared up with the intervention of a fertilizing service.

Off-Color Foliage

If your plants’ leaves are yellowing, browning, or have an unusual reddish cast, then they may be lacking an essential nutrient, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, or iron.

Stunted Growth

When plants aren’t receiving enough nutrients, they struggle to absorb water and develop strong roots, which can impact their growth. Nitrogen-starved plants are particularly slow-growing.

Poor Flowering or Fruiting

Too much nitrogen will cause a plant’s greenery to be full and lush, while its flowers and fruit fail to appear. A lack of phosphorus or potassium may also limit fruiting and flowering.


If you would like to improve the health and longevity of your trees and landscaping in Philadelphia County or Montgomery County, then contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to find out which of Liberty Tree & Landscape Management’s services is best for you. We offer everything you need, from tree trimming services to mosquito control services and emerald ash borer treatment. To find out more, call 215-309-8700 or contact us online.

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