Plant Growth Regulators

Control Growth and Promote Healthy Plants

Modern plant growth regulators are effective ways to control the growth of your trees, shrubs, and flowers. By properly administering a well-planned and professionally monitored growth regulator treatment, your property will flourish with healthy and sustainable gardens. Nurturing and protecting plants are components of sound landscape maintenance. Achieving the best results with growth regulators is a combination of art and science. A good understanding of plant growth and development is essential.

For best results, growth regulators should be handled as production tools, like fertilizer. They should not be used as crutches for poor management of other cultural practices.

The expert arborists at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management have been trained in how to use growth regulators properly, so well-proportioned plants are produced. The result is healthy and sustainable plant life for your entire property.

Philadelphia Plant Health

Growth regulators can be helpful additions to your plant treatment regimen. In the city, and surrounding communities, soil content, property shape, and other factors may necessitate the addition of these remarkable supplements to maintain the health and beauty of your property’s plant life. To learn more, call Liberty Tree & Landscape Management today and schedule a consultation with our experts!

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