Seasonal Tree and Landscape Services

Philadelphia experiences the full spectrum of seasonal changes. From cold, snowy winters, to hot, muggy summers, the landscaping and tree care needs in this area can seem overwhelming. Luckily, the experts at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management can handle every job, all year round.

Spring Lawn and Tree Services

spring lawn services

Get a jump on your landscaping needs with a spring cleanup from our professional landscapers. We provide yard cleanups, removal of dead or unsightly branches, grass seeding, garden edging, mulching, and more! Reach out to our team today and get your property ready for the warm weather!

Summer Lawn Care and Tree Services

summer landscaping

The summer season can bring with in a lot of challenges. When things are hot and dry, you may need specialized lawn care to keep your grass green and hearty. When things get wet, you’ll want a professional to trim back weeds and overgrowth. We can also prune back tree limbs to keep them away from sensitive areas during unpredictable summer storms.

Of course we also provide scheduled landscaping services to keep your yard and property looking tidy all season long.

Fall Yard Clean ups and Tree Services

fall yard services

The fall is a vital time for a variety of lawn and tree care services. Removing heavy leaf cover will allow your lawn to rejuvenate during this crucial change in season. Aeration should also be performed in late fall for best results. Our team pf professionals an handle all of this and more!

Winter Snow Removal and Tree Services

winter tree services

Home and business owners in communities in and around Philadelphia trust us to take care of their properties all year long. They love having the same talented crew that tidies up their lawn during the spring and summer, coming back and plowing snow, shoveling walks, and de-icing slick surfaces during the winter months.

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