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Liberty Tree and Landscape Management is your tree cabling and bracing expert for the communities in and around Philadelphia! Tree cables brace and reduce the strain on weak limb to help prevent splitting and damage or complete tree failure. For cracked trunks, a through bolt helps keep the trunk from splitting apart.

Starting with a friendly, professional, and FREE evaluation by a Liberty Certified Arborist, your Liberty Arborist will fully inspect your trees to determine if cables are needed. While it sounds like a simple procedure, installing a tree cable requires skill and precision.Tree cabling to support weak limbs and split trunks.

Choosing the Right Cabling System for Your Tree

Your Liberty Certified Arborist will evaluate your tree and select the best tree cabling system according to the size limbs it must support.  Additionally, the professional tree service team will install the cables at the proper angle, height and tension. The end result is a tree cabling system that ensures your tree stands up to storms in any season.

Your tree cables will be installed by a fully insured company with over 25 years of experience with tree cabling, tree bolting and tree pruning.Best of all, our service guarantee ensures that you are satisfied and informed throughout the process.

Don’t trust your trees to a company without experience! Call Liberty Tree and Landscape Management and you’ll recognize the difference. Along with installing cables, tree pruning may be required to reduce the weight of heavy limbs, remove deadwood and thin the crown.

Some of the zip codes where we provide tree cabling services include 19002, 19038, 19006, 19095, 19119 and 19027 as well as Ambler, Maple Glen, Abington, Mount Airy, Upper Dublin and Chestnut Hill and other areas around the Greater Philadelphia region.

Get the Cabling and Bracing Your Trees Need!


Cabling and or bracing can effectively add years to the life of a tree by adding supplemental structural supports to reduce weakness. Cables made of extra high-strength steel are attached to through bolts to reduce motion of the supported branches. Keeping your tree may require a combination of pruning and bracing or cabling in order to allow it to grow and be safe and healthy.Split Trunk-Through Bolt and Cable Needed

Our professional arborists will identify and take the appropriate actions to preserve a tree and avoid removal or limb breakage that would ruin its health and beauty. Some healthy trees have bracing that has been in place since the early 20th century. There is an industrial standard that must be followed dictating material and methods after a thorough inspection and evaluation of tree structure by a certified arborist. We have Climbing Specialists and Certified Tree Workers, as well as Certified Arborists working as a team to do the best job possible for your trees in Philadelphia.

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