Fall Services for Tree Care

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management services provided in Autumn

Proper landscape and tree management is a year-round commitment with activities that occur in all four seasons. Liberty Tree & Landscape Management can help you with your year-round activities to assure that you maintain a safe and healthy yard. Please contact us now to review your property with an aborist today.

Leaf Removal

Areas that are heavily populated with large and mature trees require leaf removal in order to maintain a clean, safe property. Fall is also a key period for the rejuvenation of the grass and it is extremely important that leaves do not cover the grass for long periods of time. When the leaves begin to fall, the Liberty Tree & Landscape mowing crews take extra time to cut the leaves into small, fine pieces during routine mowing. When leaves start to fall in heavy volume, they are gathered together and removed. A final, late fall leaf removal may be preformed to leave your property neat and clean over the winter months.


For best results, aeration should be preformed in late fall and early spring. The aeration process allows the soil to breathe. This will also help to germinate new seed that will be sown in the fall. Fall sown grass has three seasons of potential growth before the hot weather of summer arrives. This gives ample time for a mature root system to develop. While cool-season grasses will germinate any time the soil temperature stays above 55°, the best time to sow grass in our area is September. October is the second best month.

We provide services in Chestnut Hill, Mt Airy, Blue Bell, Jenkintown, Ambler, Glenside and other areas in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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