Lawn Care, Fertilization & Weed Control


No two lawns are alike.   That’s why, Liberty’s Lawn Care Program is customized to fit the exact needs of your lawn.

Our professionals have worked with every variety of lawn and are experienced in implementing the most cost effective care to achieve the look you want and the healthy lawn you deserve.

It all starts with a lawn inspection.  Our lawn evaluations are always free.  One of our PA Certified Lawn Specialists will analyze your growing environment, the current condition of your lawn and any emerging issues.  Then,  we’ll recommend the services needed to build and maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more without obligation, or call 215.309.8700.

Get the Healthy, Green Lawn You Want with Liberty’s Lawn Services!


 Liberty Tree & Landscape Management is your local lawn care professional. Our lawn care services in the greater Philadelphia area include:

Lawn Treatment Programs

Liberty offers two Lawn Treatment Program options to fit your lawn care goals.  You can choose either a traditional 6 Visit Lawn Care Program or our 100% Organic 7 Step Program.  In addition to building a beautiful, green lawn, our lawn treatments will help make your lawn more resistent to stress, diseases and insects.

Your Liberty PA Certified Technician monitors your lawn on regular visits.  During his visit, he will check lawn health and apply a specially blended fertilizer treatment.

Lawn Grub Damage

Lawn Insect and Disease Control

Browning, discoloration and spots in your lawn are just a few of the signs that insects or diseases may have invaded your lawn. It’s important to control these lawn problems before they get worse and spread.

Our PA Certified Lawn Care Technicians have the experience and training required to correctly identify the problem and determine if treatment is required. He will also ensure the application is done safely and when the pest or disease is most vulnerable.


Lawn Grub Damage

Weed Control

Lawn weeds can invade even the smallest openings in the grass. Prime targets are lawns that are thin or have bare spots. The first step to controlling weeds is to have your lawn evaluated by your Liberty Lawn Care professional. Liberty Lawn Care technicians are PA Certified and trained to identify weeds and take action.

The best defense against a weed invasion is having a thick and healthy lawn. Liberty’s fertilizer treatments help develop lawn density while safely utilizing properly timed herbicide applications to control crabgrass and weed infestations. 

Benefits of Aeration and Seeding

Aeration and Seeding

Lawns need aeration and seeding at least once a year.  Aeration is the best way to prevent thatch build-up and soil compaction from hurting your lawn. Seeding is crucial for thin lawns, bare areas and lawns with weed control issues.

In terms of timing, the ground must be thawed for aeration and the temperatures warm enough to promote seed germination.  Generally it’s best to aerate and seed in the Fall when cool season grasses in our area are still growing.

Liberty Lawn Services Crew prepares lawn and installs sod.

Lawn Repair

Want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful? Whether it’s spot seeding a few areas or rejuvenating your entire lawn, Liberty brings the professional knowledge, experience and equipment required to get your lawn into prime growing condition.

Our lawn repair services include: aeration, overseeding, slit seeding, fixing bare and thin lawns with topsoil and seeding.  If your lawn must be replaced, we are experts at sod installation.  Laying down sod is the best way to instantly get a beautiful green lawn. 


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