While it might have been difficult saying goodbye to the summer vacations and beach trips, you may have been more than ready to bid those pesky mosquitoes adieu. But maybe you have noticed that they are still buzzing around, biting you, and being pests in general. As one of the most dependable mosquito control services in Philadelphia, PA, we know how bothersome this can be. We’re here to help answer the profound question — “What gives?”

Temperature Change

Hot, sticky summer days are not the only time you’ll see mosquitoes. The truth is, they thrive during the brisker months in certain parts of the United States. In warm, southern climates, they can be seen flying around all year long.

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded, which means that they cannot regulate their own body temperature. Whatever temperature it is outside is the temperature they are as well. This means they do hibernate or die off at a certain point, but that only happens when temperatures are consistently below 50°F. Cool, but not too cold weather of early fall, is their time to (annoyingly) shine. Fall’s moderate temperatures also mean mosquitoes are more active during the day, instead of in the evening.

What Are They Up To?

In the northeastern part of the United States, it is still technically mating season for the mosquitoes. While summer may be the lion’s share of this duration, the fall months are usually okay for them too. As a species, mosquitoes don’t rely on large amounts of heavy rain to survive.

During the fall, certain species of mosquitoes lay winter-ready eggs that endure the bitter cold and hatch when the weather warms up.

When Will They Leave Me Alone?

While some species do not die off, the biting and buzzing will subside closer to the cold months. 

A” killing frost” will eliminate exposed mosquitoes. A killing frost is defined as two consecutive hours at a temperature below 28°F.

What Can I Do About It Now?

Check out this infographic for some ways to handle these unpleasant insects.

Who Should I Call?

If you want to enjoy fall as much as you did summer, go with one of the most reliable tick and mosquito control services in Montgomery, PA, and surrounding areas. Contact Liberty Tree and Landscape Management today.