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Tree Services to Keep Your Trees Healthy, Safe and Beautiful

Tree Service by Liberty Tree Care Professional performing pruning.

When you need tree service, you can count on Liberty Tree and Landscape Management.

As professional certified arborists with over 25 years experience, your Liberty Arborist will conduct an expert evaluation of your trees and provide a written estimate of the tree service cost.

No job is too big or too small!  Our professional tree care services include tree evaluation, tree pruning, tree removal and treatments for tree problems such as insect and disease control, tree fertilization and growth regulators for homeowners and businesses in Montgomery County PA and Philadelphia.  Learn more about Our Philadelphia Tree Care Expertise here.

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Liberty’s Essential Tree Care Services Include:

Liberty Certified Arborist evaluates trees to determine tree service needs.

Free Tree Evaluation

Do you need general tree services, tree removal, evaluation of a sick tree or treatments for tree problems such as insect and disease control?  Schedule a free tree evaluation with the Liberty Certified Arborist serving your neighborhood in Philadelphia or Montgomery County, PA.  He will be happy to do a complete inspection and give you the best advice for your trees.

Tree Pruning

Professional tree pruning is a top priority for homeowners who care about safety and keeping their landscape beautiful.   Besides improved shape and health, experience shows that properly pruned trees are also less likely to have damage in a storm.

To find out if tree pruning is needed for your trees, the best place to start is with a professional inspection.

Fall Webworm

Insect & Disease Management

Early detection is the key to successful insect and disease control.  Our certified arborists will do a thorough inspection and determine the best treatment to bring your trees back to good health using modern, environmentally friendly techniques that are effective and safe for surrounding plant life.

If you have a sick tree at your property in Montgomery County PA or Philadelphia, get a free evaluation by one of Liberty’s Certified Arborists.

Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing trees is essential for trees with structural issues.  By reducing the strain on weak limbs, tree cables prevent the limbs from splitting and causing damage or complete tree failure. For cracked trunks, a through bolt helps to keep the trunk from splitting apart.

Starting with a friendly, professional, and FREE evaluation by your Liberty Certified Arborist, our tree cabling services provide you with everything you need to know about tree cabling and how tree cables work to give your tree much needed support.

Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilizing

Almost any tree can benefit from fertilization.  Tree fertilization boosts tree health, delivers critical nutrients and promotes strong root growth.

Before fertilizing your trees, a professional inspection is the best place to start.  Your Liberty Certified Arborist will check your trees from root to crown to identify any problems.  After inspection, he will determine the right type and amount of fertilizer for the species of tree you need to care for.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

With over 25 years of experience in all types of tree removals, Liberty has the tree removal expertise and the right equipment to ensure your tree is cut down safely with spotless clean-up.

If you are worried about a dangerous or dead tree, it’s time to take action.  Start with a free professional consultation. Your Liberty Certified Arborist will inspect your trees and evaluate how to safely perform the tree removal service on your property.

Tree Planting Crew prepares the planting bed for a new tree.

Tree Planting and Replacement

Don’t trust tree and shrub planting to just anyone. The professional tree experts at Liberty will help you select the best tree for your location.  Equally important, we will ensure your tree is properly planted so it will grow strong, healthy and beautiful.

Seasonal Tree Services

Your tree service needs change with the seasons in Philadelphia. From cold, winters with damaging winds and heavy snows to heat and drought impacting tree health in summer, your trees need help throughout the year.   The experts at Liberty Tree and Landscape Management can handle every job, all year long.

Emergency Tree Removal from Storm Damage

24 Hr Emergency Tree Service

Need emergency tree service? Did one of your trees suffer damage in a recent storm? For emergency tree removal service, please contact us immediately at 215-309-8700. Liberty Tree is here to help you with your emergency tree care needs! We have experience with removing large fallen trees, saving storm damaged trees, tree removal, and tree cutting. If you’d like to speak with one of our Certified Arborists about a tree emergency now, please contact us or call immediately.


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