What Should You Know About the Benefits of Summer Tree Pruning?

Summer is just about here, and people all over Pennsylvania are working on maintaining and beautifying their lawns for the season. Summer is a time when many PA homeowners put their lawns on display for friends and neighbors. There are many different elements of summer lawn preparation for residential properties, but one of the most […]

How We Manage Spotted Lanternflies

Invasive species pose a real threat to any region’s local ecosystem and agriculture, and spotted lanternflies in eastern Pennsylvania are no different. Spotted lanternflies are native to parts of China, India, and Vietnam. Their populations in those areas are widely kept in check by various predators and pathogens. They were first discovered in Pennsylvania in […]

Why Should You Get You Trees Pruned in the Spring?

There’s no question that well-kept plants and trees can add to the beauty and value of your property, and regular pruning is a huge part of what it takes to keep trees looking great. For many people, the question is not “if” they should prune, but “when.” By choosing the right time for seasonal pruning, […]

How Do I Get My Yard Ready For Spring?

As we make our way through the last leg of winter (and hope for tolerable weather the rest of the way), we’ll soon be ushering in the new season—which means it’s almost time to get a jump start on your spring landscape maintenance! Let’s dive into some tips you can get started on as soon […]

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