Ornamental trees can add both beauty and shade to your landscape. But before investing money and time into a new tree for your property, you’ll want to be sure that your selection is conducive to the Philadelphia area. Fortunately, a wide range of ornamental trees can do well in its climate and provide your landscape with aesthetic appeal. When choosing a tree, you might want to consider flowering and growth habits, size, color, fall foliage, or other characteristics that could add a distinctive look to your setting.

The following are a few picturesque ornamental trees to keep in mind:

Magnolia Trees

Few trees rival the magnolia for spring blooms. Various species of magnolia do well in the Philly area. Saucer, Southern, and Jane magnolia trees are known to do quite well in the greater Philadelphia area. Magnolia trees produce showy flowers in the spring, but these trees will add visual interest to your landscape year-round. These trees can grow quite large so take care that you give them plenty of room when planting. They also prefer relatively rich, well-draining soil.

American Dogwood

American dogwood trees produce eye-catching pink or white flowers in the spring. Their floral display makes them some of the most beloved ornamental trees. In the fall, their showy burgundy foliage will add a dramatic color splash to your property. These trees can grow nearly 20 feet in length and height. You’ll want to plant them in slightly loose soil in a site that gets plenty of morning sunshine.

Weeping Katsura Tree

If you’re looking for a tree with a unique growth habit, the weeping katsura tree is one to consider. This tree can grow up to 25 feet tall and wide. Its heart-shaped leaves boast a lovely blue-green shade at maturity and turn a beautiful shade of gold in the fall. However, it’s the weeping growth habit of the tree’s foliage that attracts so many to this unique planting. This tree prefers moist, well-draining soil.

Other ornamental trees known to thrive in the Philly area include redbud, serviceberry, crabapple, paperbark maple, and pink weeping cherry trees. Before planting, take care to get to know these trees’ care and planting requirements to ensure they will thrive at the location where you want to grow them. For assistance sourcing and planting your ornamental trees, contact Liberty Tree & Landscape Management today! We specialize in tree care services and other landscaping solutions.