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Philadelphia Tree Pruning, Removal, Planting, Mulching, and maintenance.

Keep your Plants Trimmed and Neat for Best Health and Appearance

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management provides tree pruning services for the Greater Philadelphia Area. The pruning process removes weak, damaged and diseased branches. This service is helpful not only for the appearance of the tree, but also for its overall health. Pruning can also be a safety benefit by removing branches from driveways, power lines, windows, and structures.

Trust Professionals for Your Tree Pruning Needs

about-tree-in-palmBy properly pruning and shaping the trees on your property, you will benefit the health of your plants, decrease the chances of damage during storms, and add a manicured look to the area. We have years of experience making these difficult improvements and we understand exactly how to get things done the right way. Our certified arborists can plan and execute professional pruning to assure you that the trees will develop in the correct form and keep branches from damaging buildings.

Improper tree cutting can have serious long-term effects on the tree. By working with professionals, you’ll protect the tree for years to come while adding value to your property. Don’t trust just anyone with your pruning needs. The experts at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management have years of experience and take pride in providing the most effective tree care and the most reliable service in the Philadelphia Area.

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