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tree planting services philadelphia paLandscaping and its maintenance is always a creative and delicate process. By adding plants and trees to your property, you can open up the space and add extra charm. Plants give us the opportunity to turn our yard into a unique landscape as we prune, water, and fertilize them while watching them grow.

Just like growing plants, removing and replacing them takes strategy. Getting rid of problem trees and shrubs will make your garden healthier and give you the opportunity to grow new plants.

Comprehensive Planting and Care

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management can help to keep your property looking green and pristine, whether you’re planting, replacing, or removing a tree. We can help add a beautiful new plant to your property or remove problem trees that have become a liability.

Our tree planting services can help you fulfill the goals you have for your landscape. We can help your new trees grow up beautiful and strong with our fertilizing service, and keep them looking their best with our tree trimming service.

We offer comprehensive tree planting services to homeowners throughout Center City, Chestnut Hill, Montgomery County, and other areas in and around Philadelphia County, PA.

Maintenance Contracts

Particular landscape situations call for specific type of plants and care, especially if you want to keep your garden growing long-term. To achieve maximum aesthetic charm and save money on services, you can sign up for a maintenance contract for tree planting services and much more.

When you sign a contract with us, you can develop a well-planned approach and add proper enhancements to your landscape over the years. Our arborists can help guide your choices and give you beneficial advice on how to maintain your yard.

The Benefits of Adding New Plants

If you want to add a distinctive touch to your yard, planting a new tree may be the answer. Trees grow along with your family and serve as a unique treasure. When choosing a new tree to add to your property, you can choose from an array of different species to fit the look you’re going for.

New plants can also enhance your property and complement remodeling projects. For example, if you are looking to improve the view of your home or give shade to a newly installed porch, a new tree could add an extra bit of charm.

Along with adding new assets, shrubbery, and trees, you may need to occasionally replace problem trees, even if they are a valued part of your landscape. When trees are damaged or diseased, they can become hazardous. Sometimes, even in spite of good care, trees need removal. When you run into this problem, we can remove the problem plant and even replace it with something similar so you can achieve the aesthetic you want for your yard.

Complimentary Consultation

Our tree planting services allow you to add or replace virtually any type of tree to your landscape. Our arborists can help you select the best location for your new plants and offer maintenance to make sure that everything is growing properly.

In addition to planting services, we offer tick and mosquito control services as well as disease management services such as emerald ash borer treatments for when you spot an unwanted insect on the leaves or bark of your trees and other plants.

To request a complimentary consultation and learn more about tree planting services in Chestnut Hill, Montgomery County, Center City, Philadelphia, and other areas near Philadelphia County, PA, click here for more information.

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