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Comprehensive Planting and Care

Liberty Tree & Landscape Management can help whether you are adding to your property or removing a problem plant that has become a liability. Landscaping and its maintenance is always a creative and pleasant work in progress. Plants offer us the opportunity to be creative as we prune, water, fertilize and watch plants grow.

Available Through Maintenance Contracts or One-Time Work Orders

Particular landscape situations call for specific types of plants if you expect to enjoy your landscaping for years to come, as well as see added value that increases with time. We’d like to help guide your choices for the maximum aesthetic charm and monetary benefit. With a well-planned approach, one can enjoy adding the proper enhancement plants over years rather than tearing out and replacing badly chosen plants after finding out they are the wrong plant with poor or wrong landscape placement.

Along with added assets, sometimes you may need to replace treasured but damaged or diseased trees. Some trees get old and become hazards when too close to homes or buildings. Sometimes, in spite of good care, trees get weather damaged and need attention or removal. Home remodeling can create the need for a new tree to enhance the view or give shade to a newly installed deck or porch.

There are as many reasons to remove damaged trees or add valuable trees to property, as there are types of trees. Let us help you make a wise investment.

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