Summer Is Over, But The Mosquitoes Are Not. What Gives?

While it might have been difficult saying goodbye to the summer vacations and beach trips, you may have been more than ready to bid those pesky mosquitoes adieu. But maybe you have noticed that they are still buzzing around, biting you, and being pests in general. As one of the most dependable mosquito control services […]

What to Do if You Discover Spotted Lanternflies on Your Property

The Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive, destructive pest that is native to China, India, Vietnam,  and Eastern Asia. This species was first detected in September 2014 in parts of eastern Pennsylvania. Since then, their presence has spread across the U.S. These insects feed on pines, fruit trees, grapevines, and many other plants. Unfortunately, they pose […]

Make Your Fall Landscape Glow With These 5 Annual Plants

As the leading landscaping company in Montgomery County, we help people enhance their landscapes and increase the aesthetic value of their properties.  One of our favorite types of plants are annuals. These plants never form permanent ecosystems as they naturally seed, flower, and die across 12 months. Since they are temporary flowers, their roots stabilize […]

Tree Care Tips & Techniques

Here at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, we offer a range of tree care and mosquito control services throughout Montgomery County and surrounding regions. As hardscaping, landscaping, and plant health care professionals, we want to share some essential tree care tips with customers old and new. Follow the tips below to help maintain your outdoor […]

3 Tips for Summer Landscaping

For many folks, summer is the time to head outside and show your lawn and landscape that you really care! Courtesy of your team here Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, a leading landscaping company serving Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, check out these tips for treating your landscape the way it deserves to […]

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