With another summer behind us, the peak of fall is right around the corner. As temperatures start to drop, so does another sign of fall; leaves. For those of us that love the sight of fall, foliage on the lawns around your neighborhood can be a beautiful picture.

However, not raking your leaves can have a negative impact on your lawn. We here at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, the top landscaping company in Montgomery County, always encourage homeowners to stay on top of their lawn during the fall season. Here are just a handful of reasons to not let leaves remain in your yard for too long.

Overall Health

Did you know that fall is actually the most important season for your lawn? While most of us take care of our lawn the most during the spring and summer, it’s also vital that you maintain it during this cool season. Most of us have cool-season grass that surrounds our home. Cool-season lawn grasses are most active when the temperatures aren’t too hot nor too cold. That perfect balance is when your grass is able to strengthen up the most. If leaves block the sunlight for a prolonged amount of time, it can lead to a less appealing looking lawn in the spring.

It May Be Required

Depending on the community you live in, you may be obligated to maintain your property to a certain degree. Homeowners that get lazy with their lawn care during the fall can be subject to possible fines or other reparations. One alternative to raking leaves is to use a mulching mower, which shreds the leaves, allowing them to act as fertilizer.

It’s The Neighborly Thing To Do

With the potential for strong gusts of wind, the leaves on your lawn can end up all over your block. One way to leave yourself off the next block party guest list is by allowing your leaves to blow all over the neighborhood.

Anyone looking for dependable tree surgeons in Montgomery County should look no further than us at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management. We can make sure your property looks beautiful all year round. Give us a call today at 215-309-8700 for more information on our fall seasonal services.