Here at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, we offer a range of tree care and mosquito control services throughout Montgomery County and surrounding regions. As hardscaping, landscaping, and plant health care professionals, we want to share some essential tree care tips with customers old and new. Follow the tips below to help maintain your outdoor areas while promoting well-being for your plants and trees.

Limit Tree Staking

Tree staking is often essential to helping promote trunk and root growth while protecting younger trees from harm. However, some planters fail to understand is that this type of artificial support can cause a tree to focus all its energy and resources in growing taller rather than wider. Limiting staking helps trees to grow naturally and can prevent weakness as they mature over time.

Protect a Tree’s Critical Root Zone

Before mulching or applying a new treatment to a tree, it helps to become familiar with the critical root zone, or tree protection zone. The is the zone directly under a tree and branching out to its drip line. By improving conditions in this area, you can promote a range of health benefits for a tree.

Mulch Your Trees

For the health of a young tree, mulching is one of the most beneficial things that a homeowner can provide. Mulch is a material that is placed on the surface of the soil to improve the structure, temperature, oxygen levels, and available moisture. If properly applied, this material enhances the landscape and aesthetic appeal of a garden.

Fertilize Your Trees

All growing trees should be fertilized across the year. The most significant amounts of fertilizer should be liberally applied during the spring and summer months. As a tree gets older, several light applications should be distributed throughout the year.

Prune Your Trees

Pruning helps to remove dying or dead branches from a tree while improving the aesthetic form at the same time. It is an essential process for developing trees with stable structures and desirable form. 

Prevent Snow and Ice Damage

Brittle trees can bear the brunt of heavy ice after a winter storm. Elms, poplars, birches, willows, and hack-berries are species that can’t handle the weight when ice coats their fragile limbs. We recommend learning how to select and manage tree species to help them withstand snow and ice.

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