For many folks, summer is the time to head outside and show your lawn and landscape that you really care! Courtesy of your team here Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, a leading landscaping company serving Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas, check out these tips for treating your landscape the way it deserves to be treated!

1. Mow regularly and maintain a set mowing schedule.

Your lawnmower is one of the most vital supplies for landscaping your yard, and regular mowing is crucial to proper lawn care. Although this can range from just once to several times every week depending on your lawn’s growth rates and the desired height, cutting your grass on the highest setting (and progressively reducing it as the season goes on) is key to preventing the onset of a spotted and brown lawn.

Remember that your grass needs to remain at a certain level to fight off lawn hazards such as drought, so don’t cut it too short, as this can destroy its ability to thrive. If in doubt, stay on the higher side of your mower’s blade settings.

2. Don’t let pests make themselves at home.

One of the summer landscaping tips that many people forget about is the infestation of bugs and pests. There are a number of lawn pests that can pose a threat to your landscaping, leading to ruined lawns with brown patches of earth that will prove to be an eyesore.

3. Feed and fertilize accordingly.

Remember that diverse kinds of grass will have unique nutritional needs that need to be met for your lawn to remain healthy and lush. Warm-season grass types, for instance, require a nutrient boost, so just a quick application of fertilizer is the ideal way to provide the vital nutrients.

When all is said and done, fertilizing remains one of the best and most critical lawn maintenance choices that you need to make. Take note, though, that over-fertilizing or misapplying can have severe negative effects on your landscape, as the nitrogen in fertilizer can burn your grass, particularly when the temperatures are high. To avoid damage, choose a slow-release fertilizer with lower nitrogen content than usual and follow the package’s directions carefully.

For more information about our lawn care services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with this landscape company serving Chestnut Hill, and other local areas, by calling Liberty Tree & Landscape Management today!