As the leading provider of landscaping services in Montgomery County, and nearby regions, we help our clients prepare their outdoor areas for the summer. Whereas in springtime, lawns thrive and flourish, the summer heat can take a heavy toll on your garden if it’s not maintained correctly. With summer just around the corner, we’ve listed some tips to help you maintain your backyard throughout the summer months:

Water Your Lawn

In the summer heat, lawns can dehydrate and start to die. That’s why it’s essential to keep your lawn area hydrated with regular watering. We recommend watering lawn areas first thing in the morning; this will allow the water to seep deep into the roots of the grass before the weather becomes too hot. You must also take care not to overwater the lawn, it’s essential to find a balance.

Mow the Lawn Regularly

Lawnmowers are an essential landscaping tool, and regular mowing is critical to proper lawn maintenance. Depending on growth rates, mowing schedules can range from one to several times a week. Don’t cut the grass too short as this could destroy its natural ability to thrive. Keep your mower settings on the higher side to ensure that your lawn can survive drought and other hazards.

Watch Out For Weeds

Summer is the season when we see an abundance of weeds stealing valuable nutrients from grass and plant life. When you water your landscape, try and keep on top of weeding any unwanted weeds that crop up in new places. Ideally, weeds should be promptly removed from your garden as soon as you notice them; this helps your flowers, grass, and plant life thrive.

Utilize Drought-Tolerant Plants

Color is an essential component in the process of landscaping. Adding color to your summer landscape can make a massive difference to the atmosphere and beauty of your back garden. Consider planting some drought-tolerant plants as they will conserve water and require little maintenance.

Add creative touches such as sections of color to various parts of the landscape. Perhaps add a climbing plant to a fence trellis or some new hanging baskets to the corners of the garden. You may also consider adding window boxes to spruce up your backyard.

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