After months of cold weather, homeowners across the Philadelphia region are patiently waiting for spring to show its face. While we still have a few weeks of winter left, there are some telltale signs that spring will arrive shortly, but you’ll miss them if you don’t know what to look for.

As Philadelphia, PA’s top landscaping and tree experts, we’d like to tell you some of our favorite early spring bloomers that serve as a sign spring will be here before you know it.

Witch Hazel Shrub
While many people believe that forsythia shrubs are the first to plant to bloom in February, it’s actually the witch hazel shrub that ushers in the early signs of spring. This beautiful plant welcomes spring with a cloud of yellow flowers that will eventually turn bright green as the season progresses.

Bridal Wreath Spiraea
Easy to grow, the bridal wreath is a common sight in early spring. With tiny, white flowers that bloom to create a stunning sight, the bridal wreath is a plant that is enjoyed by gardening pros and novices alike. If you’re looking to give a plant away as a gift, this spring bridal wreath is an excellent choice as it is easy to divide and propagate.

Camellia Japonica
While Camellia japonicas begin blooming during the dead of winter and can be seen peeking out from beneath the snow cover, early spring is when this beauty really shines. During early spring, you’ll find the branches of this plant covered with beautiful rose-like flowers that last until the hot weather of summer arrives.

Saucer Magnolia
When in full bloom, a saucer magnolia is an amazing sight to behold. While the tree begins setting its buds during the fall, its flowers don’t emerge in full bloom until early spring. With blossoms that appear to drip from its branches, the saucer magnolia provides a lovely display of waxy petals.

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