While many people tend to give the most thought to their lawn and landscape during the spring and summer seasons, the truth is that every season comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities.

During autumn, for instance, one of the things you should strongly consider is scheduling an aeration for your lawn. Although September and October tend to be the ideal months for lawn aeration, cool-season grasses will germinate any time the soil’s temperature stays above 55° Fahrenheit.

Courtesy of the team here at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management, your premier landscaping company in Montgomery County, here are a few ways in which your landscape could benefit from an aeration this season:

  1. Get increased shoot density and better rooting

Lawn aeration helps give grasses and other plants more room to spread their roots. This allows the vegetation on your landscape to grow deeper roots that enable to them stay healthier, withstand frost and disease better, and have stronger immunity to the elements. It also allows them to develop denser shoots and roots, conferring the similar benefits.

  1. Allow water and air to flow better

The process of breaking up the soil doesn’t just allow roots to spread more deeply; it also lets water and air flow through the soil more freely. This will enable your plants better access to the nutrients they need. Additionally, your landscape’s improved ability to absorb will also prevent seasonal pooling and flooding.

  1. Find lawn fertilization that is effective

Best of all, lawn aeration will have the general effect of making your seeding and fertilization more effective. As long as the soil temperature is still warm enough, you can sit back and look forward to having a beautiful, green, and luscious landscape come springtime!

Wondering how to recognize when your lawn needs aeration? Don’t forget to check out our video below to help you recognize if your lawn needs an aeration!



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