When it comes to maintaining the appearance and beauty of your front, back and side yards, it is important to depend on a landscaping company you can trust. As the top tree surgeons in Montgomery County and the surrounding area, we here at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management have been able to help homeowners grow and maintain the beauty of their lawn.

Some of the reasons why customers choose us time and time again include:


Landscaping & Hardscaping

While some companies pride themselves on being the top landscaper in the area or the best hardscaping company, we offer both at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management. From giving your lawn the care and attention it needs to installing stones and rocks to create a new pathway in your backyard, there are many ways we can help homeowners improve their property.


We Handle All of Your Tree Needs

Having a tree on your property can help set the whole vibe of your home. As nice as your home looks with a tree in the front or back yard, it is crucial for homeowners to take great care of their trees. Anyone who doesn’t have the first clue about tree care can turn to the professionals at Liberty Tree & Landscape Management. For years, we’ve been able to make sure trees are trimmed, pruned and taken care of properly.


Plant Care and Protection

Putting in all that hard work on your property should have its rewards and benefits. Having dinner outside or inviting some friends over on a summer night for some cold beers and laughs should be the weekly norm. One way to make the most of backyard get-togethers is by protecting your backyard from insects, mosquitos and other unwanted pests. Our insect & disease management combined with our mosquito protection can help you enjoy the great outdoors in peace and comfort.

If you’d like more information about our services, including tree trimming services in Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas, please give us a call at 215-309-8700.