5 Reasons to Schedule a Tree Pruning

Although the sun is beginning to set on summertime, it’s not too late to call your local tree pruning service in Philadelphia, PA. Tree pruning is important during both the summer and the autumn, providing a number of important benefits. Have a look at our video to learn about why having your trees pruned is […]

Protecting Against The Emerald Ash Borer in Philadelphia

This past summer, a voracious pest made its official appearance in the Philadelphia region. The emerald ash borer, an invasive species of insect that has been spreading across the US for the past decade or so, poses a serious threat to ash trees, leading to major concerns from conservationists, property owners, and parks department officials […]

Philadelphia Tree Removal: Getting Started

Starting the Tree Removal Process As we prepare our lawns and properties for summer, it becomes apparent that it’s time to take care of that project we’ve been putting off. Tree removal is one of those must-do projects that can be pretty intimidating. Some of our clients have no idea where to start with a […]

Tree Facts and Trivia

At Liberty Tree Care and Management, trees are our world! Our certified arborists have dedicated countless hours to learning about what makes trees tick, and the best ways to care for them to ensure beautiful, long-lasting lives. Many of our arborists grew up in and around Philadelphia – the same communities that we provide tree […]

Trees for Poor Drainage areas in Philadelphia

Learn what kind of trees can soak up extra water and help ease flooding in drain-challenged areas around Philly Trees for wet or soggy areas. Wet soil have low amounts of air spaces, which results in low oxygen levels. Some deciduous trees that are good for wet soils or areas with poor drainage in Philadelphia […]

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