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#1 – Planting new trees

Planning and Planting need to be twin components of your landscape. Plan carefully and plant during the correct season, which is the dormant period, is an important start. Plant before spring buds appear and after the leaves have fallen. Choose trees that are suited to the area climate, soil, light and surrounding plants. Trees should be chosen to serve definite functions or solve specific problems. Poorly placed plants need constant attention and maintenance: well places ones need less. Think of the unity of the home, its landscape and plant for a balanced look and take into consideration the winter protection, as well as the summer shade. Complementing the house or softening sharp lines or corners is the purpose of trees and landscaping. Fully-grown size is an important aspect of planning.

#2 – Shaping shrubbery

Accent shrubbery should be used to draw attention to the main entrance of home or to create privacy screening to family activity areas. A plants full-grown size needs to be considered and grouping of shrubs that work well with smaller shrubs concealing the base of taller shrubs. Carefully selected plants will need less pruning and pruning to will look better. This approach will result in harmony and unity.

#3 – Going green

Achieving the proper balance between the results you want and respecting environmental sound objectives can be a difficult issue. Choosing the right plants for the right space can reduce the need for chemicals to maintain healthy trees and plants. Ask questions about eco-friendly materials and organic materials. Find out how mulching can be an effective assistant to your landscaping moisture needs. Ask about green alternatives to get the proper treatment for your landscape.

#4 – Property value

A pleasing landscape and mature trees help protect your homes value and will maximize your homes appeal when selling. A money magazine study ranks a 100% to 200% recovery of landscape investment and ranks it first among recoverable home improvements. Curb appeal is a very real thing when it comes to property value. Preventive maintenance is also less costly than correcting a fully developed problem or removing a tree.

#5 – Construction protection

Plan early and avoid costly construction damage to tree branches, bark and roots. Compacted soil from equipment too close to trees is damaging to roots. Route the utility cables as far away from the trees as possible. Identify critical roots during trenching so they can be avoided.

#6 – Plan early

When moving into a new home, planning for a long-term goal for grounds and yard is very important. Homeowners often focus on interior planning and investment and put important development of outside exterior space as a last priority. Plan for the appreciation of your total property – both inside and outside.

It is a long-range issue and comprehensive planning that should be an early part of home ownership. Our arborist will be glad to help you create a plan that can be done over a period of years so it will be a balanced pleasing unit in years to come.


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