Winter Tree Services in Philadelphia

Winter got a late start this year in Philadelphia, but there’s no denying it’s here. Don’t let wild weather sneak up on you and your property. Even modest snow and ice can have a major impact on the trees around your home, leading to downed branches, damaged property, lost power, or worse. Our crews have been working all over the city and its surrounding communities helping to clean up downed branches and reduce the risk of further damage through expert risk analysis and branch removal.

Philadelphia winter tree pruning

Philadelphia’s Certified Arborists

The professional arborists at Liberty Tree care know the warning signs to look for when diagnosing a property. We’ll assess potential hazards, consult with you about our proposed work and get to the task of pruning problem branches or removing trees entirely if necessary. Removing branches before they become a problem means you’ll save yourself the headache after the fact and it helps promote healthy trees for future seasons.

When winter finally breaks, you’ll be glad you were proactive about the trees on your property. Spring cleanup will be easier, your home will be safe from future storms in any season, and you’ll rest easy knowing Philadelphia’s leading tree care experts and landscape management specialists took care of you.

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Call our team today to schedule a consultation. We’ll do our best to work with your schedule to provide the most convenient service. Once we work out your needs and expectations, we can schedule work and have your property ready for nature’s toughest storms in no time. Don’t wait until after the fact to deal with problem branches, call Liberty Tree Care today!