Philadelphia Turf and Lawn Care Program

The key to implementing a successful lawn care program is consistency. Liberty Tree and Landscape Managements Turf and Soil Specialist will do a complete inspection of your lawn. He will then go over the results with you and give you his professional opinion as to exactly what your property needs to be as successful as possible. Always, as the homeowner, you have the final say in which of our 3 Turf programs works best for you and your budget.

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Liberty’s Standard Lawn Care Program

Our Standard Lawn Care Program will give your lawn everything it needs to address the immediate needs of the lawn, and continue to build the soil health making your lawn more stress, disease and insect resistant than ever. This program consists of 6 applications to enhance the soil as well as feed the lawn thru-out the spring, summer and fall season.

Liberty’s Premium Lawn Care Program

Our Premium Lawn Care Program is a 7 step program that consists of the same 6 steps in our Standard Program plus an Organic Based slow release fertilizer in late fall to increase root development and enhance carbohydrate reserves for a beautiful early green up next spring.

Liberty’s Organic / Natural Lawn Program

Our Organic / Natural Lawn Care Program gives you the homeowner a choice of going Green. Our trained technicians will implement our complete 7 step program using a full line of OMRI approved, EPA exempt, Organic / Natural products to manage your turf, giving you the peace of mind knowing no chemicals are being used on your property.

Core Aeration

What is the best defense against weed infestation in your lawn? The answer really is a healthy, thick lawn. Improve your lawns density and weeds eventually become a thing of the past. Core aeration by far is the best cultural practice for your lawn. It relieves the compaction and allows air and water to permeate the root zone. You will not believe how fast your lawn will recover from the damage caused by the stress of summer once the roots can stretch their legs again, along with germination of the newly planted seed.

We are proud to bring an unparalleled quality of service to ALL of our customers. Our skilled technicians go the extra mile to ensure that your lawn will be aesthetically pleasing as possible. By signing up for our Turf Program, you can enjoy outdoor living and be the envy of your friends and family every season of the year.

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