Tree and Stump Removal

Our Experienced Arborists Can Remove the Toughest Trees

Removing a tree in Philadelphia should be a last resort but when it is done, experts that have experience, equipment, and are licensed and bonded for such dangerous tasks should do it. That’s why Liberty Tree & Landscaping Management is trusted with this difficult job in communities throughout the Philadelphia region.

We Have The Equipment for Big Jobs

Customer satisfaction is an important part of our business and when the time comes for removing a tree or stump, we have the equipment and the means to make the tree disappear and respect the surrounding environment’s safely. We have experience at hazardous tree removal and do not leave the heavy roots and stump to become another person’s problem. Some removals are simple while some others demand highly-trained experts who are skilled at dealing with power lines, utility companies and large cranes. Liberty Tree & Landscape Management crews include such trained people.

Looking for Tree Cutting?

Sometimes removing a tree is an unnecessary expense or a negative change to your property. Don’t write off an unhealthy tree as a goner just yet. Our certified arborists can diagnose and treat a variety of problems that affect tree life in the Philadelphia region. Often times, a calculated pruning can have a major impact on a tree. By cutting away unhealthy branches and promoting the growth of healthier areas, you can improve the health of a tree and bring back the natural beauty trees bring to your property.

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